About Everwood

Our Promise To The Everwood Community

Everwood Day Camp is committed to creating a community of belonging where everyone feels both welcome and celebrated. We are continuously striving to build a culture that is safe, equitable, and free from discrimination of any kind.  We commit to recognizing and celebrating our differences and creating opportunities for open-minded, honest communication to foster social awareness, generosity and compassion. Our administration will engage in regular reflection and evaluation of camp programs, policies and procedures, and make improvements where necessary.  We will work to ensure that every member of the Everwood community feels empowered, valued, and supported.

The Everwood Five Star Points

The Five Star Points are the foundation of our camp culture. These points embody 5 characteristics that reflect the social and emotional goals we have for our campers and staff each summer and we’ve integrated them into everything we do. From staff training to daily activities, special events, even our bus rides to and from camp, our campers and staff members know that our 5 Star Points are what is valued most. By letting the Five Star Point be their guide all summer long, our campers and staff turn actions into skills they’ll use to contribute to the world beyond campus.  At Everwood Day Camp, campers experience all the fun and friendship of camp life, plus the support of a community that’s committed to providing skills for life.

Boys on stand up paddle board★ Independence

Independence at Everwood comes in a variety of forms. For younger campers it starts with learning to take care of their belongings, and by being away from Mom and Dad during the camp day. It also happens through physical skill development, like down at the lake, where our instructors and lifeguards support them as they learn to swim. As our kids get a bit older, independence becomes more nuanced, because we loosen the reins and allow them to focus on their individual passions and interests through our elective program

Young girls on picnic bench with staff★ Integrity

At Everwood we acknowledge when our campers do the right thing, big or small; from playing a game by the rules, to picking up trash even if it wasn’t theirs. When we recognize kids performing these simple acts, we help to reinforce a pattern of integrity that’ll manifest itself over and over again.

★ Friendship

Everwood is a place that’s unlike any our campers will encounter elsewhere, and the adventures they share–on the ropes course, in our performing arts center, out on Lake Massapoag–and the memories they make are the very fabric of tight-knit friendships. Whether or not our campers know someone else before stepping on the bus for the first time, our counselors are experts at acclimating campers to life at camp making connections with others.

★ Teamwork

From canoe races to our playing fields to our Ropes Course–there are endless occasions for teamwork here at Everwood. Our kids also come together to paint murals, run relay races, produce plays, and create original camp songs. Through these activities campers appreciate just how much more they can do (and how much more fun they’ll have) by collaborating as a team, and what’s more, they learn to compromise to make it happen.

Boy playing guitar to audience★ Inspiration

You’ll find inspiration everywhere you look at Everwood, and that’s because our campers are always trying–and thriving–at activities they haven’t before. Kayaking, pottery, yoga, the infamous Jello Tug-of-War, and our Zipline that sends kids cruising between hundred foot pine trees–these are but a few of the unforgettable moments that campers will have while they’re here with us.