Absences, Late Arrivals, and Early Dismissals

  • What should I do if my camper is going to be absent?

    Please notify the Camp office as soon as you know that your camper is going to be absent. (It is never too early to let us know, even before the start of the Camp season!)

    If this is a planned absence, please email the Camp office at least 24 hours in advance at [email protected]. If this is a day-of absence, please email or call the Camp office and leave a voicemail before 7 am. Both email and voicemail should include your camper’s first and last name, group, and when they will be returning to camp.

  • What should I do if my camper is going to be late for Camp?

    If this is planned in advance, please also email [email protected] to report that your camper is going to be late on a certain day.

    If this is a day of late arrival, please call the Camp office as soon as possible. Please tell us your camper’s name, group, and what time they will be arriving. If you arrive at or after 9 am, please park in the visitor’s parking lot and walk your camper directly into the appropriate (upper or lower camp) office. You will sign your camper in and we will bring them to their group.

    Please do not allow your camper to run to a friend or to their group, even if the group is still in the general assembly area as attendance has already been handed to the office. This allows us to keep up to date and accurate attendance every day of the Camp season.

  • Can I pick my camper up early from Camp?

    Yes, early pick-ups are permitted at Camp before 3 pm. For safety concerns, there are absolutely no pickups between 3 pm and 4 pm. When you arrive to pick up your camper, please park in our visitor’s parking lot and come up to the office with a picture ID to sign them out. Your camper will be brought to the office with their backpack by a staff member for dismissal.

    Late Arrival and Early Pick Up Procedures

    • Campers 5th grade and up will be dropped off (late arrivals) and picked up (early dismissals) directly at our Upper Camp Office.
    • Campers 4th grade and under will be dropped off (late arrivals) and picked up (early dismissals) directly at our Lower Camp (Main) Office.
    • If you are dropping off late or picking up early for both a lower and upper Camp camper, they will both be picked up at the Lower Camp (Main) Office.

  • When should I notify Camp about an early dismissal?

    We ask that you look at your camper’s schedule and try to plan an early dismissal during their breaks. Please give us at least a 24 hour notice, either by email or by calling the Camp office. Please make sure you receive confirmation within 24 hours that we have received your request.

    Same day dismissals: Please call the office before noontime if you need to schedule the same day early dismissal. If the dismissal is not called in beforehand, it can take up to 30 minutes to retrieve your camper, pick up their belongings, and bring them into the office to be signed out.

    *Please remember, we absolutely cannot allow any early dismissals between 3pm and 4pm, no exceptions.