Staff FAQs

  • What is the time commitment for the summer?

    Camp runs 9 weeks: 6/24 – 8/23; Monday through Friday, with the 4th of July off! We require at least 6 weeks from our new staff. Generally, staff work 8 weeks. Ultimately, the best ability is availability.

  • How long is the camp day?

    For most of our positions, 8:25 am to 4pm with a 30 minute break!

  • How much do staff earn over the summer?

    It varies depending on the position!

    We have hourly jobs for the following

    • Lifeguards
    • High Ropes
    • Maintenance

    We have salary stipend positions for the following:

    • Counselor
    • Group Leader
    • Specialists

    We also have additional work opportunities as a bus counselor, arrivals and departures team, extended day team, and our staff referral bonus program!

  • What is the staff culture at Everwood?

    Our staff create the caring, engaging, and excited environment that is the backbone of our camp! Staff are always hyping each other up, having fun, and creating a wholesome experience for their campers!

  • Do I have to drive to camp everyday?

    You may, and we have more than a dozen bus routes all over the surrounding areas! You may ride the bus for free while saving on gas, AND there are opportunities to make extra money being a bus counselor promoting camp spirit on the bus!

  • I'm ready to apply, what's next?