Upper Campus

A Day in the Life at Everwood Upper Camp

Entering 5th – 8th Grade

Our Upper campers at Everwood spend most of their time on our upper campus property (just a 3-minute walk from our main campus assembly area) allowing our older campers to experience a dynamic camp program that is focused on their needs along with space that is geared toward their interests. While we do have intentional time where our upper campers connect with younger campers at camp, this older age group appreciates having their own space and not feeling like they are doing activities with much younger campers on a daily basis.

Our upper campers also spend a lot of their day in elective periods (3 for Juniors and 4 for Seniors), allowing them to focus on the activities they love to do and spend time with like-minded peers. our Upper Camp program is a great balance between electives and opportunities to connect with other group members and build a sense of community among a group and division. In this way, our upper campus feels a lot like an overnight camp program, but everyone goes home at the end of the day!

Our upper camp groups typically consist of approximately 17 campers with 2 counselors that are dedicated to the group all summer long. Groups are gender specific or mixed gender (based on parent preference) and based on the grade children are entering in September. Counselors that work with this age group all have a specific interest in working with this age group, are phenomenal role models and build connections quickly with their campers. Counselors are highly trained and closely supported by certified and experienced teachers.

Upper Camp Sample Daily Schedule

  • Arrival

    Morning Assembly

    As campers arrive to camp they are greeted by camp staff and guided to their designated group meeting spot in our assembly area. Attendance is taken, lunches collected, and counselors set the stage for the day. Camp Directors lead the morning assembly with special announcements, traditions, and flag raising. Campers then walk with their counselors to put their bags in their cabins and head to their first period activity!

  • Group Activities

    Our Upper Campers have some time during the day that is used as an opportunity to build connections and relationships with their peers while engaged in activities they can’t do anywhere else. Things like boating, wibit, cooking, archery tag and more give our older kids a great opportunity to connect while having a blast!

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  • Electives

    Our Upper campers get the opportunity to pick electives from the wide range of activities that we offer. Juniors pick 3 elective activities and Seniors pick 4. During this period, campers will participate in the same activity for the entire week. This gives them the chance to pursue a specific hobby that they enjoy. We have over 40 elective options including creative arts (ceramics, jewelery making, painting) and performing arts (drama, dance, camp band etc), adventure (ropes, archery), nature (hiking, fishing) and so much more.

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  • Special Events

    Every Day at Everwood brings with it new adventures, including a host of unique, wacky, exclusive daily special events that only happen on the Everwood campus. For our Upper Campers, these special events like those you’d fine at an overnight camp in the evening and weekends. Things like Minute to Win It, Jell-o Tug-of-war, Capture the Flag and more.

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  • Free Swim

    All of our Upper Campers have a period each day where they can choose if they want to swim or play on the beach with friends, or both! It’s a great open free play time! Our lifeguards closely supervise swim areas while our camp counselors play with our campers in the water ensuring low adult to camper ratios and close monitoring of all swimmers. Campers will stay in shallow water, unless they have demonstrated a specific set of skills proving they can swim in deeper swim areas (American Red Cross Level 3).

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Lunch Time

Campers bring a peanut and tree-nut free* lunch Monday-Friday. We provide two peanut and tree-nut free snacks each day. We are an allergy-friendly facility.

Allergy Friendly
  • Wind Down

    Afternoon Assembly

    Lower Campers gather with their group at the end of each day for some reflection and fun camp traditions including performances, singing camp songs, and playing games. Counselors spend time talking with the group about their social and emotional accomplishments related to our Everwood 5 Star Points. A few campers in each group are given our “5 Star Camper award” and a coveted “Warm and Fuzzy” to take home. Bus transportaiton

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