Campers entering 3rd through 10th grade have the opportunity to customize portions of their Camp day through our elective program. Electives take place at the same time each day for the whole camp week and are designed to be mini-workshops.

Our entering 3rd graders have 1 elective period,  4th graders have 2 elective periods,  our 5th through  6th graders have 3 elective periods, and our 7th through 8th graders have 4 elective periods. Any programs offered to a specific age Division are for all campers in that Division.  We don’t combine campers in electives across divisions!

Electives are a great opportunity for campers to focus on activities they not only enjoy, but in which they also want to develop skills. The list of offered electives each elective period varies from week to week.

How Does My Child Choose Their Electives?

In order to make our elective system work, campers will rank all the activities available each period through an online form/link that will be sent to your email. With the choices listed in order of preference- the TOP THREE CHOICES are the most desired choices, which we make every effort to schedule first and then work down the list.

Any “bumped” choices (due to scheduling conflicts or close out) are given priority placement the next week the activity is offered and chosen.  Elective offerings may change weekly, so be sure to update your camper’s list through the link every week. Don’t worry! You will be receiving frequent emails from our Program Director, Ian Smith with instructions and updates prior to your camper starting at Camp! When your child arrives at Camp on Monday,  they will be given their elective assignments for the week based on the input provided through the link. 

Switching Electives

If a camper isn’t happy with their elective after giving it a try,  Campers can switch electives on Tuesday for the rest of the week; however, the switch is based on availability.

If you have questions or concerns please reach out to program director Ian Smith, at [email protected].