Transportation FAQs

  • Where do your buses pick up and drop off?

    Our centrally located bus stops are usually at shopping centers, school parking lots, or other easily accessible and safe areas.

  • Is there supervision on the bus to and from Camp?

    Absolutely! We have specially selected and trained bus counselors, certified in First Aid and CPR, riding the bus to and from Camp each day. Our bus counselors engage the campers on their bus in a rich program of activities including songs, games and other daily activities.

  • Are there seat-belts on your buses?

    Yes! We use one of the finest bus companies in the area. All of their buses have seat-belts for every rider, and buses are driven by trained, experienced, and qualified drivers.

  • Is food allowed on the bus?

    Please, do not let your camper bring snacks or breakfast to eat on the bus in the mornings. We have a no eating policy while campers are on the bus.

  • How do I make my transportation selections?

    Our Day Travel Form will be available at the end of April. This form will allow you to choose your bus stop, extended day options, or car drop off and pick up at Camp.

  • Can I change my drop off and pick up locations if my plans change?

    Absolutely. We are certainly flexible, and if need be, you can change drop off and pick up locations. Please give us at least 24 hours notice when making changes to your camper’s travel plans.

    Last minute travel changes

    We understand that emergencies happen. In the event that you must make last-minute transportation changes, please call the Camp office before noontime to ensure that your camper is transferred to the correct afternoon pick- up location. ** Notes sent in with Campers are not acceptable forms of communicating travel changes or early pickups.

  • Can a friend or family member pick up my child if I can’t make it to the bus?

    Yes! Prior to your child’s session at Camp, you will be asked to complete an online form entitled “Authorized Grown-ups.” You will indicate all those who have your permission to pick up your child. Whether you are picking up from Camp or from one of our bus stops, our staff members will ask for a picture ID to confirm the identity of the authorized grown up upon pick up. We will NEVER release your child to someone who has not been authorized by you. This form is always updatable through your parent account and you can add or remove an authorized adult at any time.

  • My camper is taking the bus. What should I expect at the bus stops?


    Please be at your bus stop 10 minutes before the designated departure time listed on the bus schedule. This will ensure that all campers will be ready to board the bus when it arrives at your stop. When the bus arrives, bus counselors will take attendance and mark down any absences.

    ***Bus counselors will not wait past the listed departure time for any late campers- no exceptions. If you miss the morning bus, please meet the bus at the next bus stop, or drive your camper directly to Camp.


    Please arrive at the stop 10 minutes before the listed PM time. While waiting for your camper to arrive, please have your car placard ready and picture ID ready for our bus counselors to check. When the bus arrives, the campers will be let off the bus one at a time while the bus counselor checked ID’s and makes sure that the person picking up your camper is on the authorized adult’s list. Please have your car placard facing towards the bus, as it will expedite the dismissal procedures. When it is your turn, please step up to the bus counselors with the car placard and your ID, so they can check your authorized adult’s list.

    ***If you, or another authorized adult, are unable to make it to the PM bus stop on time, your camper will stay on the bus and continue on to the next stop. The bus will continue on it’s normally scheduled route, and you will be asked to meet the bus at the next stop.We will not, under any circumstances, leave a child at a bus stop. In the event that your camper is still on the bus at the last stop, the bus, bus driver, bus counselor, and your camper will all return to camp, where you can pick them up.

  • Will I be notified if my bus is running late?

    Please keep in mind that our buses may run a few minutes early or late, depending on traffic situations each day. We use a text messaging/ email alert service for bus delays (in excess of 10 minutes).

    On occasion, there may be unavoidable situations and we want to be able to communicate with you via text message and email as quickly as possible. This system gives us the most efficient way of communicating with you and allows you to give us your updated information to ensure that you are receiving these important bus alerts.

    This service is only available to enrolled Camp families, and all information is safe, confidential, and never shared. Please contact us if you have any further questions about this service.

  • What are the drop-off and pick up procedures if I am driving my camper or using extended day options?


    Please follow the signs to the designated drop-off area. For extended mornings, staff members will take attendance and bring your camper up to the main lodge. Extended mornings begin at 7:15 am and end at 8:45 am. Regular parent drop-off begins at 8:45 am. Please follow the signs to the designated drop-off area. Staff will be there to assist your camper and bring them to their groups. Any campers being dropped off before 8:45 am will join the extended morning program and your account will be billed accordingly.


    Please follow the parking signs and patterns designated by our staff. To ensure this process goes smoothly for everyone, please have your camper’s car placard in the window of your vehicle and a picture ID ready for our staff to check. Please stay in your vehicle, and a staff member will bring your camper to you. Please make sure that whoever is picking up your camper is on your authorized adult’s list, which can be accessed and changed anytime online through your parent account. Regular parent pick-up is at 4 pm. Any campers being picking up after 4:05 pm will join the extended afternoon program and your account will be billed accordingly.

    When picking up for extended day, please follow the same procedure. Follow the parking signs and pull around to the designated parking area. Staff will be ready to bring your camper to you after they have checked your authorized adult’s list and a picture ID. The extended day ends promptly at 6 pm.

  • What if I want my camper to walk home along to/from camp or to/from the bus stop?

    We allow campers to walk by themselves as long as they have a signed permission slip on file in the office. This form must be updated with our office every Camp season and is available in your parent account. It must be completely filled out, signed, and dated by a parent/ guardian and emailed back to our Transportation Coordinator before we allow any camper to walk alone. Any other requests for a camper to walk via phone or email cannot be accepted without this form on file in the Camp office.