Staff Testimonials

What Staff are saying about Everwood


Campers hugging during special event

“I learned so much about how to lead and teach a group of kids. The job wasmuch more than ‘babysitting’ and I learned how to take care of children’s well-being, needs, social issues, and more. Not only was this job extremely fun, it was amazingly fulfilling. I feel better prepared to be an educator after working at Everwood. I also really came out of my shell and just let myself be silly and have a fun summer! It was perfect. My understanding of child-care and education was broadened, as well as my understanding of myself.”



“I met a lot of fantastic people, some of whom after only 8 short weeks I can already call my best friends. I would say I learned a good balance between being a counselor and being a friend, depending on what I was needed for. I had a few uncertainties about taking my career in a direction where I would work with kids, but after this summer I know I would rather spend my days helping those crazy small humans.”



“I think I became better at asking for help because that used to be something I was afraid to do, but I know now that the camper’s safety comes first and if I need help I have to ask. I also became better at meeting new people since I tend to be shy, but camp really forced me out of my shell (in a good way). I got to know so many different people who I would never have met otherwise, which I loved.”



“I gained a lot of confidence this summer. This was helpful because I am able to go up to people and introduce myself and since I just started my freshman year of college, not knowing many people at my school at all, being more outgoing has helped me make friends and make the transition easier. Also, working at camp has solidified my dream of wanting to become a teacher.”



“This summer, camp helped me step out of my comfort zone. This was possible because of my fellow senior staff, the other administration and of course, the kids. I was able to be myself, and it helped me truly connect with everyone at camp. Because I took risks that paid off, I felt confident which allowed me to perform my job better.”



“Personally I grew by becoming a more patient and caring person. Also, it made me an all-around better person. What we learn from the campers is so much more then we can learn from adults or teenagers. Campers see everyone as friends and they see the world as this great beautiful place it’s inspiring. They make me a better person without even trying because I know they are looking up to me and I never want to let them down. Professionally I grew by becoming more outgoing, being able to ask more questions, and learning how to work with other staff members, and becoming more comfortable working with people my age and older.”



“This summer I definitely grew a lot at Everwood. I gained leadership skills and definitely gained friendships. The camp became a family to me with not only my campers but the counselors in my division too. It made coming to work every day so much easier because I was always excited to see everyone.”



“After my summer at Everwood, I noticed I definitely grew as a leader. While the first few weeks of camp I did take initiative in the sense that I involved myself in activities and took responsibility, I was not the first person to step up and lead the group in activity, etc. However, by the last few weeks of camp, I noticed I was much more comfortable in leading the group and took much more initiative in leading activities.”



“I’ve become more confident and outgoing since becoming a part of the staff at Everwood. It was such a good and seriously life-changing experience. In a professional sense, I’ve become more organized and better at problem-solving as well as becoming a good mediator in a disagreement.”