What You’ll Give

Joining the Everwood team will make for a summer you’ll never forget, but a team like ours doesn’t just happen. What makes us great, and truly sets our camp apart, are the people we bring together. Everwood’s counselors share their talents, work towards common goals, and commit to being the best version of themselves–every day, all summer long.

Would you like to be one of them? Think you have what it takes? This is what you’ll have to give:

  • Love. You’ve got to LOVE kids, the outdoors, having fun and trying new things.
  • Respect. R-e-s-p-e-c-t, for the rules, our expectations, your fellow staffers and yourself.
  • Patience. The weather gets hot, the days long, and even though you’re on your best behavior, your campers won’t always be on theirs. Patience is a must.
  • Creativity. While Everwood’s staff prepares for summer year-round, dreaming up ways to support our counselors and engage our kids, it’s no secret: not everything at camp goes according to plan. When activities get rained out, or your co-counselor comes down sick, it’ll take some creativity to fill in the gaps.
  • Leadership. Honestly, the counselor-life is one long experiment in leadership. The responsibilities we’ve outlined above aren’t always easy, but you’ll have to manage them, and conduct yourself in a fashion that inspires your campers to do the same. Being a counselor also means being a role model, after all.

Got a handle on all that? Good, but know that’s just the beginning because you’ll be asked to apply these skills in different ways throughout the summer.

Here’s some of what we also need: ropes course operators, paddle-board navigators, and Duck-Duck-Goose chasers. We need shoulders to cry on and eyes observant enough to notice the little things–like when two campers share–and then Cheerleaders who’ll praise them for it. Detectives who can solve the Curious Case of the Missing Lunch Box. Lemons-into-lemonade mixers, Boo-boo fixers, Double-Dog-Daredevils, class clowns that are willing to make fools of themselves just to make a kid smile.

Can you be those things? Would you like to try? If so, we’ll help you every step of the way. Because we take care of our own at Everwood and make sure that when our counselors give of themselves, they gain even more in return.