Nature Based Kindergarten

Enrolling Now for the 2021-2022 School Year

We believe in empowering children by offering them opportunities to explore, create, imagine, discover and grow through hands-on activities and direct experiences with nature.  We promote social/emotional learning, self-­help, and cognitive skills as well as encourage a lifelong love, respect and understanding of the greater world around us.  All curriculum activities align with Massachusetts DESE Curriculum Frameworks, and will prepare children for school and the world beyond their Kindergarten year.

How does Nature fit into the learning standards for Kindergarten?

In Kindergarten, children learn to identify letters, how to write letters, and the sounds each letter makes.  They also begin to form words and practice writing stories and sentences.  For example, If your child’s remote learning goal involves  learning about the letter “T” and the sound T makes,  they may be given a worksheet to practice writing uppercase and lowercase T’s, and perhaps come up with a list of things they find in their environment that start with T.  All typical public school kindergarten work.

Now this is where we see so much possibility and have tremendous ability to extend this learning.  Our creative teachers will take your children OUTSIDE and explore real things to help them learn sounds and letters.  We’ll explore trees and find other nature items that begin with T.  We will make the letter “T” out of twigs and go on a hunt for toads (which maybe then turns into a science lesson on toads).  We have the children do observational drawings of a tree they see and talk about the different parts of a tree (maybe also doing still life paintings to bring in art and color mixing). We might make “tunnels” out of things we find in the forest and see how we can make them sturdy so they do not collapse.

Perhaps a child will make an observation that some things they see outside are TINY and some things are TALL.  This then extends to common kindergarten math lessons in number concepts focused on addition, subtraction and graphing.  We will graph things that are tall and things that are

tiny while discussing more and less and adding and subtracting based on what we find.

There are endless possibilities for learning when children are given the chance to explore their environment and make connections.  This type of learning and extension into nature is what our program is all about.

Tuition Includes:

Full days of Nature-Based Instruction and play creatively paired with the MA State DESE Learning Standards for Kindgarten

Educators focused on the Social and Emotional wellness of your child, providing opportunities for children to learn they way they were meant to learn.

Close communication with experienced classroom teachers, including weekly newsletters and pictures, progress reports and conferences, as well as a portfolio to ensure your child is moving forward in all areas of their development.

Opportunities for exploration across our beautiful campus, including wooded trails and a natural play ground with a mud kitchen, tree trunks, and rocks to climb allowing children to safely take risks.

A full-day of social opportunities with same age peers

Proven protocols for mitigation of COVID-19.

Program Hours:

8:30am to 3:30pm

(After Care Available until 6:00pm through Everwood’s After School Program)


5-Days Mon-Friday: $65/Day

Pay only for the days school is in scheduled to be in session

We follow the Sharon Public School Calendar regarding vacations and holidays.

Tuition is paid in 10 Monthly Installments, with the first installment due at the time of application.

Want to learn more? Please reach out to [email protected]  781-694-5829