June 12 2024

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Creating your own indoor campfire can be a fun, low key activity for a rainy day or just a fun way to use inside time. Whether it’s partnered with learning activities, a movie night, or just plain old fun, an indoor campfire can be exciting to build together and provides the perfect quiet moment for your family to share, connect, and relax together. Here’s how you can turn any space in your house into an indoor campfire.

What You’ll Need: 

Logs: Real logs/sticks, Brown paper bags rolled up, toilet paper or paper towel rolls, tan building blocks, stones around the “fire” if interested!

Fire: string lights, orange/red/yellow tissue paper, colored felt or fabric (even a t-shirt will work), fake candles (or real candle used safely)

Tarp or old blanket underneath for easy cleanup

BONUS: Feel free to create your own “tent” out of pillow fort materials or pitch a real tent inside!

Campfire Activities:

Make a campfire treat! (See below)

Sing your favorite camp songs! Some of our favorites are:  The Moose Song, Pizza, Oh a Milkshake, Bumble Bee, Boom Chicka Boom

Tell a story! Make up one or read some books!

Play some board games or watch a movie together by the fire’s light.

Have a campfire dance party!

Fun Campfire snacks to make:

Chocolate fondue: (great way to use up random snacks and things, super easy, you can use any chocolate chips you may find lying around your house and any kind of whole milk or cream will work for this recipe! Stays warm and melted for a while, even when taken off heat) Dip marshmallow and graham crackers for a good way to do “indoor s’mores” as well!

Popcorn on the stove: In a large pot, line the bottom with oil and sprinkle popcorn kernels. Turn on heat. Once kernels start popping, shake pop continuously until the popping mostly stops. After popped, pour into a bowl and add your favorite seasonings!

Indoor S’mores:  You don’t need a real fire to enjoy this ooey gooey treat!

Indoor campfires are a great way to bring the Camp spirit into your home.  Take a look at this video of our Head Counselor, Sarah Faulkner and Division Leader, Angie Weldon leading a group of camp professionals in an indoor campfire just a few weeks ago!



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