June 12 2024

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Parenting.  It’s a wild and wonderful ride full of big feelings, hard moments, miraculous joy, and bursting pride.  As parents, we are constantly seeking experiences for our children that align with our values, led by creative people passionate about childhood.  From sports teams to after-school classes, play-dates to vacations, parenting involves a constant coordination of moments we hope will lead our children into the adults they will become.  

All that considered, the hard truth of parenting is that we are in much less control than we want to be.  Our children are part of an imperfect world that is growing and changing faster than most of us can keep up with. There are times when our parenting choices feel more reactive than proactive and despite all efforts, time just keeps moving forward

So what can we do? What choices can we make for our children that help them build self-esteem and independence, resilience, and relationships that will help them grow into happy healthy humans?  Isn’t that what we all wish for them? 

To me the answer is simple… let them grow up at Everwood

The Everwood Day Camp experience is so much more than fun and recreation.  It’s a program designed to be a road map for the social and emotional foundations our children need to take them beyond where they are today.  Here are just some of the features of our map…

PROGRAM PROGRESSION: From 4 to 15, Everwood campers engage in dynamic program options that are formulated intentionally around their developmental needs.   The Everwood Day Camp program builds and changes as campers get older including increased opportunities for independent choice, autonomy and responsibility, and leadership.  With that, the Everwood experience is designed to be place where children can return year-after-year and grow up with us. 

SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL MENTORSHIP: Through every step they are led by role models and mentors (our stellar camp staff) and coached through uncomfortable moments that other programs (even our schools) can overlook. We hold children accountable for their behaviors, help them problem solve, and celebrate their achievements.

OPPORTUNITIES FOR OUTDOOR ADVENTURE and to try NEW THINGS! 72 Acres of picturesque, traditional New England summer camp on the shores of a glistening 350 acre lake. Ropes course, archery, boating, sports, performing and creative arts, science, yoga, nature… and MORE!  Taking safe risks at Everwood can help children feel more confident and brave, resilient and proud and can help them realize that they CAN.

FRIENDSHIP FOUNDATIONS:  According to psychologist Christine Carter, author of Raising Happiness, “a person’s happiness is best predicted by the breadth and depth of their social connections- their ties to other people.  Camp gives kids a wonderfully rich opportunity to extend both the breadth and depth of their relationships.”  Camp friends can truly be the best friends in a child’s life, thanks to the foundation of shared experiences and goals.

COMMUNITY:  Strong communities are critical for our children because they are an important source of social connection and foster a sense of belonging.  With traditions and values focused on growing great humans, Everwood is a community where we work to ensure that every one of our members feels empowered, valued, and supported.

Save yourself the stress of waiting and wondering what your kids will do next summer.   Complete your enrollment to save your spot today….and rest assured that this gift you are giving them will last a lifetime. 




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