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Leah Horgan

June 11 2024

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Office Manager

Colleen has taken the road less traveled to Everwood, having joined our staff after seventeen years in financial services. She couldn’t be happier that her journey’s led to campus (and the same goes for us)! She loves the opportunity to contribute to the community, while collaborating with parents and fellow staffers to provide a safe, encouraging environment for children. And although this is unlike any job she’s had before, it comes naturally to her. That’s because she likens all the laughing and learning of camp life to being part of “one big family,” which is something she knows well: she’s the youngest of six children!

Camp plays a part in the life of her own family, too. Both her kids are Everwood campers, and Colleen is thankful to be able to have them close by–and to watch them smile–all summer long.

Colleen is always on the move around campus, but whenever she can, she makes time to walk down to the beach and take in the beauty of Lake Massapoag. Those reflective moments are among her favorite here at camp, and they remind her just how lucky she feels to be a part of Everwood!

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