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Leah Horgan

June 12 2024

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Growing up in Leeds, England, Dane was often the one who gathered his friends together to play games. This knack for organizing activities–and the fun and friendships that came out of them–is why Dane chose to pursue a Phys. Ed. Degree at university. To further his education, Dane decided to come across the pond and be a camp counselor during his first summer break from school.

As a counselor, he was able to direct his love for sports towards delivering social, emotional, physical and cognitive benefits to campers. Add to that the lifelong friendships Dane made during his summers at camp (as well as meeting the love of his life, Jaime) and he knew he wanted to create his life around summer camp.

When our Camp Mom and Dad not at Camp, they are playing their favorite role of all: parents twins (and campers), Ryan and Sophie!

Contact Dane: [email protected]

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