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Leah Horgan

June 12 2024

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Assistant Director

Jen’s been with us since the very beginning! She loves working with kids, has a graduate degree in Early Childhood Education, and was for several years the Division Leader for our youngest campers, the Turtles,before she moved into our Head Counselor and Staffing Coordinator position and then to Assistant Director. She is an integral part of the Everwood world. She values the emphasis that Everwood places on preparing children and our camp staff for the future, and as a former teacher, knows that social learning is a necessary addition to what’s currently taught in the classroom. Jen is also an exceptionally talented mentor and enjoys supporting Everwood’s team of counselors–challenging them to lead by example, step outside their comfort zone, problem solve and take the plunge into something new.

While she couldn’t possibly pick a favorite camp tradition (“they’re all so much FUN”), she’s definitely partial to Jello Tug-of-War, as well as storytime, when she gets to read to all our 4 and 5 year olds!

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